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As a professional coach with an outdoor specialism, my clients tell me that walking side by side in nature provides the best setting for discovering creative solutions

Whether it's enabling you to harness your full potential, define your true calling, or create an achievable plan for your future — I can help you to find your purpose, make meaningful change, and keep on track.

Clients can choose the type of outdoor coaching that works for them:

When you're running on empty because mundane tasks are sapping your energy and stress levels are impacting your life — you need a break. But perhaps you can't make time for a breather because you've got too much to do?

Allow yourself a change of scenery. It may seem counterintuitive when you're feeling frazzled, but it isn't. A day away, immersed in nature, is time well spent.

Countryside Coaching

Boxhill & Westhumble

Woods & Meadows

7.5 mile circular route

a gentle stroll with no steep climbs


Sea Cliffs & Valleys

6.5 mile circular route

slightly challenging, one steep climb

Blow away the cobwebs and restore a sense of balance

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If you're trapped in an endless cycle of wanting something different, but not having the confidence or clarity about where to start — I can help you.

By providing a confidential, reflective, and nurturing environment I help clients to identify issues and explore the personal blockers that crop up time and time again.

I really enjoyed the outdoor coaching experience and the relaxed dynamic of walking side by side, as opposed to facing each other. I’ve been struck by the impact that huge open spaces, as opposed to small contained ones, has had on my ability to find focus.”
A photograph of Seaford, East Sussex. The photo has been taken on a sunny day, the sky is blue and the sea looks calm and beautiful. In the forefront meadow grass is visible, and in the background the white cliffs are clearly visible.
Anita, coaching client

When I'm outside, I enter nature. Nature ignites and stimulates my senses. It happens without effort. I don’t have to work hard to pay attention and listen deeply to my clients.

Nature provides what’s been coined a ‘restorative environment’ — nature captures our attention involuntarily — without effort. It allows us to just be. For many clients who have suffered from isolation, from too much working from home, being online and in the same place, this brings relief and is deeply soothing.

Every time I work with clients in nature, it is not only the clients who benefit, I do too

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