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Why Parcival?

Have you ever been faced with an impossible quest — a long and daunting journey full of difficult decisions, and a distinct lack of experience to guide you?

As the person who ended up being tasked with finding the holy grail, this was Parcival’s experience. Parcival journeyed far and wide, having to overcome many obstacles, making many mistakes along the way, and when he finally found what he was looking for, it wasn’t what he expected. Instead of a magical cup, Parcival found the wisdom that can only be gained by experiencing the ups and downs of life’s journey.

The Arthurian story of Parcival is an accurate representation of how challenging life can be for all of us. Without the wisdom of past experience, it’s easy to feel afraid of the unknown and to be untrusting of our own abilities. Worrying and wondering about making the best choices, at work and at home, can be exhausting and very detrimental to the way we view ourselves and the world around us.

Facing challenges and making mistakes is a normal and natural part of life, however the fear of taking the first step can prevent us from living a fulfilling life. By learning to look at ourselves, our experiences and our life through a kinder and more understanding lens, it’s likely that we’ll grow in confidence and self-knowledge — much like Parcival did — and allow ourselves to find our direction and live our true purpose.

An incredible journey that gently guides and creates experiences to develop deep learning and changes in attitude. A simple yet intangible learning experience that I will be reaping the benefits from for years to come.”
Karen Liebenguth walking with a life coaching client, across the grass in Victoria Park, East London
Liz, Head of Learning and Development at Collinson

& Ethical Leadership Programme participant

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