Karen Liebenguth walking with an executive coaching client, though the green trees of Victoria Park, East London

Executive Coaching

Define the type of leader you want to be, nurture your confidence, and elevate your potential

  • Are you struggling to balance your work and home life?

  • Are you lacking time and head space, and is this leading to feelings of stress and anxiety?

  • Do you fear failure and worry that you’re not good enough?

  • Is imposter syndrome creeping up on you?

  • Do you feel isolated and unable to talk to your colleagues about this?

What is executive coaching:

Taking responsibility for the performance and wellbeing of teams of people can be hard work. It’s a consuming role that can leave you feeling drained at work and at home. HR teams often recognise this, and that’s why many organisations encourage their senior leaders to access executive coaching.

Some leaders use coaching as a way to explore and overcome particular issues, whereas others use it as a way to develop their leadership ability through a longer process of self reflection and realisation.

Who is executive coaching for:

  • People who have responsibility for leading organisations

  • People who have responsibility for leading teams

  • Leaders who want to develop their ability and mindset

How does executive coaching work:

Executive coaching can take place in person or online on a weekly, biweekly or full day basis. The quickest results tend to happen when sessions take place in a neutral space, away from the office, somewhere clients can relax and avoid distraction.

Many people choose to have regular coaching sessions in Victoria Park, east London or full day sessions in the Surrey Hills or on the south coast of England. Talking while walking encourages the flow of conversation, and clients note feelings of calm, focus and creativity when they do this work in a neutral natural setting.

Outcomes of executive coaching:

  • A clear sense of purpose and direction

  • Ability to recognise your inner values

  • Courage to take risks and feel comfortable with the outcome

  • Increased adaptability to change, uncertainty and the unknown

  • Trust and confidence in personal ability and making choices

Coaching with Karen was very comprehensive and full of big surprises. It really got to the core of what makes me tick, why I want to do certain things, and why some things in my life go well and why I make other things much more difficult than they need to be. It’s been an exceptionally powerful experience and I’m much happier as a result.”
Simon, entrepreneur

& coaching client

Green space and fresh air

Walking side by side in nature provides the best setting for discovering creative solutions

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