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My Approach

My approach is about helping people to identify what really matters to them — their values, purpose and actions. I enable people to remove barriers, make changes and thrive

By combining coaching with mindfulness, I support people to identify the root causes of an issue and better understand themselves. I work with people who are ready and willing to look at themselves and be honest about what they see and how they feel. This reflective approach takes time and leads to lasting changes that positively impact people in all aspects of their life.

I provide coaching indoors, outdoors and online. Many clients choose to have regular coaching sessions in Victoria Park, east London or full day sessions in the Surrey Hills or on the south coast of England. Talking while walking encourages the flow of conversation, and clients note feelings of calm, focus and creativity when they do this work in a neutral natural setting.

“Karen seemed to strike the perfect balance of providing plenty of space and asking just the right question when needed. I really enjoyed the outdoor coaching experience and the relaxed dynamic of walking side by side, as opposed to facing each other. I’ve been struck by the impact that huge open spaces, as opposed to small contained ones, has had on my ability to find focus.”
Anita, coaching client

Outdoor coaching is fundamental to my work

Walking side by side in nature provides the best setting for discovering creative solutions

Here's what you can expect from an outdoor coaching session with me

Looking at you for who you really are

Exploring your views, tendencies, emotions, attitudes, physical sensations and bodily wisdom can help to define your true calling and purpose

Read about my transpersonal approach to coaching

Every person and organisation I work with has their own unique situation and outlook, the one thing they all have in common is a recognition that something needs to change and a desire to make it happen

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