A photograph of the Chinese Pagoda in Victoria Park, East London - an area where Karen offers outdoor coaching to her clients

Conflict Resolution

When people have the courage to be honest and the ability to hear an alternative perspective, relationships can be repaired and solutions become possible

  • Are you feeling triggered?

  • Are you struggling to understand why someone speaks to you in a certain way, or why their behaviour leaves you feeling angry, confused or upset?

  • Is the breakdown of a relationship affecting your health and wellbeing, or the dynamics between your team, your friends or your family?

What is conflict resolution:

Conflict can become part of any personal or professional relationship, and unless it’s resolved it can be very distressing, and all-consuming, for both the people that are directly involved and those on the periphery.

Conflict resolution is the process of helping people to understand one another, repair their relationship, and agree how to move forward in a compassionate way.

Who is conflict resolution for:

  • Colleagues

  • Communities

  • Family members

  • Friends

  • Anyone with a desire to resolve an existing conflict

How does conflict resolution work:

Conflict resolution always starts with a one to one meeting between myself and each of the people involved. If and when everyone feels ready, structured joint sessions will be introduced.

Each stage of the process can take place in person or online.

Outcomes of conflict resolution:

  • Open and honest communication

  • Mutual feelings of empathy and compassion

  • Ability to repair relationships and find a way forward

  • Agreement about how all involved will behave and communicate with one another going forward

  • Mutual understanding of the steps required to resolve and prevent future conflict

Every person and organisation I work with has their own unique situation and outlook, the one thing they all have in common is a recognition that something needs to change and a desire to make it happen

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Karen gave my feelings a lot of space, she was very patient and clearly has a deep understanding of what is needed by the individual in terms of the level of dialogue. By the time I was ready to engage in mediation with the other party, I already felt a lot clearer and better able to communicate and hear the other person fully. Even though the conversations were difficult, I felt very safe having Karen there guiding and holding the space.”
Stephanie, conflict resolution client

The more we are in loving and kind relationship with ourselves, the better our relationships with others become. This has definitely been my experience — as my attitude became more loving, I began to notice that my relationships with others became more trusting and meaningful.”
Karen Liebenguth, Parcival founder

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