May 16, 2024

Green space and fresh air. Here's why outdoor coaching is fundamental to my work as a coach

Every time I work with clients in nature, it is not only the clients who benefit, I do too

Immersing ourselves in nature has a deeply beneficial impact on us: physically, psychologically and emotionally. It’s what I tap into when I coach clients outdoors. Nature helps us to reconnect with ourselves; it can bring us back to our senses and help us feel grounded and clearer about what matters most - particularly when life becomes narrow or overwhelming.

Nature nourishes me

My love of nature began from a young age. It was in nature that I found solace and comfort when home life was difficult. Today I find strength and clarity in nature — it’s where I feel at my best, my happiest.

Coaching is a stimulating and demanding practice on the body, mind and heart. Outdoor coaching in nature nourishes me and prevents me from feeling drained or exhausted. Walking is good for my body, the fresh air is good for my lungs and mind, being immersed in nature’s beauty is good for my heart.

Nature makes me feel at my best

In nature I feel most resourceful and creative. This is, of course, how I always want to show up for clients: at my best - present, kind, non-judgemental, empathetic, open, curious, patient, inquisitive. The open space of nature definitely helps me bring this for others.

Nature facilitates insights and breakthroughs

Have you ever noticed the wonderful ability of nature to ground you in the moment when you feel out of sorts, unsure about something, upset or anxious?

Our connection with nature is hard-wired and as such, spending time in nature can help us to become more attuned to how we are feeling, calming the mind, reducing stress. This mindset enables me to support clients to gain a fresh perspective on things, and have new ideas on how to move forward.

Nature is a reassuring presence

Nature is always there: patient, non-judgmental, spacious, solid and beautiful — what could be more reassuring? Being in nature reminds me of our interconnectedness with all life. It can also help us to connect to something bigger than ourselves, fostering a deeper, kinder connection with ourselves, others and the world; increasing a sense of wellbeing.

This feeling of connection is what inspired and informed the design of my coaching immersion days — half and full days of outdoor coaching in nature. An opportunity for clients to experience the profound reassurance and connection nature offers. 

…for anyone who might find talking to a coach or counsellor intimidating, chatting side by side and as you trundle through green fields, basking in sunshine, sheltering from showers and ambling through greenery can really take the anxiety out of the situation.”
Claire Spreadbury, journalist

& immersive coaching day client

When I'm outside, I enter nature. Nature ignites and stimulates my senses. It happens without effort. I don’t have to work hard to pay attention and listen deeply to my clients.

Nature provides what’s been coined a ‘restorative environment’ — nature captures our attention involuntarily — without effort. It allows us to just be. For many clients who have suffered from isolation, from too much working from home, being online and in the same place, this brings relief and is deeply soothing.

As a dear friend once said, ‘a good walk puts things right’, and indeed it does. A walk in nature has always helped me find a way back to my senses, providing clarity on what matters most in that moment.

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