February 22, 2024

Struggling to find your purpose in life? Transpersonal coaching could benefit you

Exploring your views, tendencies, emotions and attitudes as a way to define your true calling and purpose

Early in my work as a coach I realised that working with clients requires so much more than helping them achieve their goals or live the best version of their life.

Coaching involves looking at the whole person — at home, work, and socially — as a way to understand a person's place in the world.

What is transpersonal coaching, and where did it come from?

Transpersonal coaching takes the whole person into account:

  • the mind — views and tendencies
  • the heart — emotions and attitudes
  • the body — physical sensations and bodily wisdom
  • the spirit — calling and purpose

Whole person, or "transpersonal coaching", was inspired by the work of an Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli (1888–1974). His transpersonal psychology grew out of his study of both Western and Eastern philosophies and religions. 

True self-love is about loving our potentialities for growth, for development, creative ability and communion with others and that self-love becomes a powerful means of loving others.” 
Roberto Assagioli, Italian psychologist


Why do people struggle to find their purpose in life, and how can transpersonal coaching help?

Many of us hold these four common, detrimental and disempowering views that prevent us from living the best version of our life: 

  1. I’m a failure and therefore I’m a problem
  2. I should be more rational and less emotional
  3. I have nothing to contribute to the world
  4. I’m separate and on my own

None of these beliefs are true, and yet, when we buy into one or more of of them — they become our reality, and they get in the way of finding our life purpose. The process is called confirmation bias. It’s hugely painful, it makes us feel small and keeps us stuck. Transpersonal coaching helps people to explore the detrimental views that they hold about themselves, as a way to overcome them and redefine their future.

I have experienced feeling limiting views about myself and my life for a long time, and despite all my practice, I still come up against these thoughts. They have caused me a constant undercurrent of anxiety, self-imposed pressure and harsh self-judgement. And this in turn has led to doubting myself, doubting life, judging others, feeling under-confident, disconnected and lonely.

Examining and bringing awareness to our conditioned thoughts and habitual ways of thinking — perceiving, judging, labelling, feeling, behaving and relating to self, others and to wider aspects of life — is an ongoing practice and a huge opportunity for change and growth.

At the same time, many of us share a common longing and desire to live a meaningful life and to contribute to something that is bigger than our self with a small s. Intuitively we know there is a Self with a capital S, a Self that feels connected to and cares for others, that wants to have a purpose and direction in life. The good news is — this type of life is possible.

Here's what to expect from my transpersonal approach to life and executive coaching

As a coach with a transpersonal and mindful approach — this is my work. I help people to find their purpose and recognise their worth and place in the world.

I create an honest coaching spaces where everything relating to head, heart, body and spirit is welcome to be expressed and explored. My approach enables topics to unfold naturally so that they can be looked at, examined, understood and made sense of. Working in this way helps clients to relate to themselves in a new, kinder and more understanding way.

Coaching that explores aspects of your past and present as a way to help you define your future

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